I am an artist who works primarily in print, fabric, drawing and embroidery; investigating themes of spirituality, sexuality and womanhood. In my practice I am interested in the power and fallibility of the human spirit, often exploring the internal and external forces at play from desire to the Occult. Often within the work, folklore, religion and myth are combined with autobiographical elements. The images I create are often bold and strange; bodies and worlds fold into each other to create theatrical tableaux and morality play. Unapologetic imagery of women in their sexuality, divinity and unconstrained freedom can be seen in different forms throughout my practice through a feminist perspective. I am interested in the stories of women; strange women, women who ooze the wild, dark, nature of feminine within the confines of history. I attempt to reimagine these women -denigrated, archetypal, scared or the femme fatale, through the humanity and nuance that is often lost in their fixed narrative. Desire underlined by threat is conveyed, as human, bestial and hybrid figures cavort in unspecified environments. The figures are symbolic, becoming my own personal deities, neither benevolent or malevolent but acting as symbols for fate and the innate wild nature of humanity.